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It all started with three buddies, one sales rep, a webmaster and a designer sharing the same enthusiasm for action sports, nature and outdoor activities. A few moons ago, during a sales tour Guillaume discussed with one of his good clients that mentioned changing poncho were selling super well. There was nothing cool nor fun about that product category, only plain dark colors with basic branding. 

It clicked right away that we could do something fun, vibey and colorful with this very functional item. This product will turn your After Session into a comfy moment: After Surf, After Ride, After Snow, After Ski, After Yoga, After sports...

After Essentials was born.

Done deal for the 3 friends "if we get 500€ out of the project the first year we go out for a good night, 5000€ we go on a Surf trip in the Maldives and any more we reinvest in the brand." Twelve months later, Guillaume, JC and Damien were scoring some insane waves in the Indian Ocean, and the 2nd collection was ready to go. After Essentials was now well and truly launched...

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